Welcome to Cosmic Trust Fall!

Cosmic Trust Fall  provides a raw and honest narration of the journey towards letting go – of fear, of preconceived notions, of stereotypes, of anything that prevents you as an individual and the larger collective humanity from being able to connect with your inner truth and with one another. This journey is in part about trusting what the Universe places in front you on your own path through life, and in part, challenging what you are told in order to find your own definition of success and happiness. CTF aims to become a source of inspiration for life beyond the cookie-cutter path. It is a place where those intrigued by the thought of starting their own adventure, be it traveling the world, starting a new business, or just challenging the status quo, can find the means and motivation to take the leap into the arms of the Cosmos and live a more fulfilling and successful life.

Have a poke around. Leave comments. Share with your friends and fellow followers. Enjoy, and Happy Falling!